Anak-anak mencari mumia!
by Nizha Periaswamy

SEPETANG di Muzium Mesir. Mendengar tema lawatan itu sudah cukup untuk membangkitkan minat kanak-kanak yang mahu mendalami sejarah silam negara yang terkenal dengan binaan piramid itu.

Menjadikan piramid, lukisan-lukisan dinding, mumia, pakaian diraja dan patung Raja Tutankhamun sebagai bahan pameran utama, tingkat atas rumah dua setengah tingkat di Jalan 19/31 di Petaling Jaya, Selangor sama sekali tidak ubah seperti menjejak ke muzium sebenar.

Semua ini dianjurkan oleh Kelab Stars dan Planet Edufun yang diterajui oleh seorang ibu kepada seorang anak, Jolene Tan......

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Night at the museum coming soon

There will be a Night at the Egyptian Museum on Nov 14, 2010, from 3-8pm at Stars & Planet Edufun Club (26, Jalan 19/31, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor).

The event promises to entertain and inform children and parents on the historical and educational aspects of Egypt. There will be a movie about Egyptian history and culture and a tour of the Egyptian "museum". There will also be activities and food at the carnival.

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Child Development
Growing children have growing needs. Therefore, we are working with health experts to provide advice to guide you through your children’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. The useful nutrition advice for your child’s ever increasing energy and nutritional requirements and growth is an essential knowledge for parents. We hope that you can always count on the tips and guidance found in this section

Is Your Child A Fussy Eater?
by Dr Victor Chen

Studies on children’s eating problems have shown that 52% are not hungry at meal times; 42% end meals too quickly; 35% indicate food selective; and 35% are picky eaters. Poor nutrition can have both immediate and long-term impacts on the cognitive function, development and behavior of children.....

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Each Child Is Unique
by Dr James Dobson

Low achiever can out-perform the academic superstar. Such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.....

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