Welcome to Stars & Planet, a new generation kid's club in Petaling Jaya, which focus on healthy mind and character development of children.

It is crucial to nurture children at their tender age when they need attention most. Besides all subject tuition, we have other activities to help to discover their talents, enhance knowledge and improve thinking skills.

Kids’ Skills by Dr Ben Furman, Finland
Kids’ Skills is a cooperative method for helping children overcome behavioral and emotional problems based on solution-focused psychology.
Stars & Planet Edufun Club is the FIRST and ONLY Kid’s Club using the method to develop the children.
The methodology has been widely used in Finland, England, USA, Norway, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Spain, Holland, Egypt, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

Australia Development Program
Based on a proven learning method from Australia, this personal development program provide children with healthy and fun recreation activities to balance their school work and in the same time, assist them to achieve their life goals.

Art & Craft
A great opportunity for young and enthusiastic artists to explore and find fresh inspiration to express their creativity

Creative Writing
The program will help children to learn writing essays in an interesting way using their own creativity

Holiday Camps
Fill your children’s time during the school holidays with exciting and fun-to-learn activities of Star and Planets Edufun Club holiday programs. Boost up their mind and memory with PowerMind Workshop, explore the fun life of the wild in Survival Camp and improve their public speaking skills in Toastmaster program!

Martial Art
Martial arts will provide children to gain confidence and self-discipline, and let them learn how to defend themselves in today’s world. It is a very good opportunity for children to perform physical activities and making new friends at the same time.

Music & Drama
Researchers found out that adults who studied music before the age 12 had better memories for words and smarter. Through our music and drama classes, children can enjoy different tonalities, making them beautiful and meaningful.

Lifetime Programs
Stars & Planet Edufun Club have lifetime programs to enrich children with personal and work success skills. Aimed at developing children’s creative potential and to learn inventive thinking to solve problems, these programs let children to learn to utilize and apply valuable skills

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